How often should I receive a massage?
The frequency of massage depends upon the specific goals of the receiver. If you have an injury, or regularly over/under use an area of the body, then you may want to begin receiving massage once weekly for a period of a month or so. For regular maintenance and prevention of injury,we recommend once or twice per month for maximum benefit.

How do I know what type of massage is right for me?
We encourage trying out different modalities (massage techniques), and letting your body determine which works best for you. Often our bodies are already letting us know what will work best for us. Tightness in the jaw and neck may lead us to try Cranio Sacral Therapy or Reiki which both operate on a more gentle, subtle level. Having a sense that our overall flexibility has diminished might encourage us to try Myofascial Release or Thai Bodywork. At Source Bodywork, our therapists value each individual’s needs at the time they come in for a session, and encourage an open dialogue to offer them the type of work that is necessary.

How fully should I undress?
This is one of the most common questions we hear. We recommend undressing to your comfort level. The more undergarments you remove, the more easily we may access the full length of your muscles and connective tissue. For example: if you would like your glutes worked on in detail, we recommend either wearing a thong or fully removing your undergarments. If you are less concerned with work on this area, you may keep your undergarments on.

Is tipping required?
This is another question we hear frequently. In the massage industry, tipping is always appreciated. If your massage therapist is the proprietor (they own their own business), then tipping is not required. However, if your massage therapist is an employee of a business, then tipping is customary. A 15-20% tip is the norm for a quality service experience.

Is Parking Available?
Our offices are located in center city Philadelphia. There is on street parking available, as well as several lots and garages. We recommend allowing extra time for finding parking in our neighborhood. We are also easily accessible via public transportation.